Winning an Emmy for a “web series.” It doesn’t feel real.

On Sunday at the Creative Arts Primetime Emmy Awards the Lizzie Bennet Diaries picked up our Emmy trophies punctuating a multi-year journey and it still doesn’t feel real.


I really have to give a lot of credit to the Academy of Arts and Sciences’ Interactive peer group for recognizing the Lizzie Bennet Diaries as an outstanding achievement. It’s so easy with a series to just watch a “clip” and pass judgment on it. Can you imagine someone only watching a two minute clip of Breaking Bad, or Game of Thrones, or Sherlock, and saying whether or not the show is “good?” Well that’s what happens a lot in web series.


I have to also give credit to Jay Bushman who really believed that we would win an Emmy. I didn’t think it to be impossible but I’ll just say I thought it to be a long shot. Why vote for us when you can vote for a different show that has some recognizable star in it? It’s just the way it works. I was supportive but not optimistic.

So fast forward through hearing that we were a finalist. Then hearing we had to present to the Emmy jury that had to unanimously agree that we deserved to win and then hearing that we had won was just a whirlwind but it still didn’t feel real.

When I got the call I remember replying with “oh.” I remember going to some of the Deca team members and saying that we had won while not believing it. I told my parents, who were excited but I still didn’t believe it.

Three days later the announcement hit on Yahoo, now EVERYONE knew… still unreal.


On Sunday, I put on my tux, met the team, walked the red carpet, sat in the theater… nope still unreal.


I remember waiting back stage to give a very limited 15 second acceptance speech (the most nerve racking moment I’ve felt in YEARS!) and nope still doesn’t feel real.


Twenty minutes later we picked up our trophies with my actual name on it! Okay now beginning to feel real.

At dinner I sat next to Ashley and just kept looking towards the trophy. The show that we had shot in a bedroom and didn’t know if it would work has an EMMY? How does that happen?


When I got back to the offices, I placed my trophy underneath our framed cast/crew poster. The most fitting place for it I thought. Was it real?

It’s been three days since I got our Emmy, it felt like a blur. I’ve been working non-stop on Emma Approved, rehearsals, re-writes, everything. No time to rest, there is a show to be made! But every hour or so I glance from my desk to where that trophy sits.

That’s an Emmy Award for a web series that I was the head writer on?! It still doesn’t feel real but wow does it look good.

Thanks to the cast, crew, Hank, Jane Austen, Deca, and all the fans… this is our award. All of us and all of you. It’s an award for “INTERACTIVE”, almost by definition making it an award for us all.

A personal thanks to my family and friends for continuing to support me over these years.

And a final thanks to my mentors both past and present. You know who you all are.

Thank you for continuing to push me to be better, for challenging my way of thinking, for getting me to consider things I may not be considering, for making me a better person, and for believing that if I’m not there now that I can get there someday.

Here’s what one of you wrote to me.

"CONGRATS on the Emmy!!! Very cool. And very deserved. Now it’s time to up your game!"

So fitting. Now on to Emma Approved and more.


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