LBD - Random quick thoughts (DVD business NOT dead?)

Hey Everyone,

So I know I’ve been behind with a lot of the inbox questions. It’s been a little hectic the last few weeks but I just wanted to point out some things that you might find interesting.

About the Kickstarter and DVDs


If you have questions about the KS and DVD, we’ve been answering them in the FAQ section of the page.

So if the campaign ended today we’d be the Number 1 “Webseries" in the history of KS, beating VGHS season 1. Of course this comes with a big *Asterisk* because VGHS season 2 and Cyanide and Happiness are both “Webseries” to me but weren’t classified as such. It is also crazy to think that we’re in the top 15 in Film and Video today even after counting Veronica Mars

DVDs -  If you’ve been following my tumblr over the year, you could probably tell that I’m not the biggest fan of DVD’s. Watching as the DVD business in entertainment has basically “fallen off a cliff” the past 5 years made me think that putting the resources towards a DVD was not a good use of them. WELL CLEARLY I AM WRONG.

As of this writing, we have essentially pre-sold 3,500 DVDS in three days! If you would have told me a year ago that a webseries in 2013 would presell 3,500 DVDs, I would have said that you were “full of it” crazy. It’s pretty incredible and I am still trying to process it. 


About “Welcome to Sanditon”


We’re sending Gigi into an unfinished Jane Austen manuscript. I’d like to clarify that though I will be directing the episodes, I will not be the head writer on this project. The co-showrunners will be Margaret Dunlap and Jay Bushman which is very exciting. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with this story.

I’ve seen some questions floating around about how this series will be presented and well the simplest answer I can give you is that it’ll be recognizable to what you’ve seen yet different enough to give it a fresh feel. The interactive components planned for this is beyond fascinating to me and continues our experimental style. Jay was answering some questions on his tumblr earlier for those of you who are curious.


So that’s it for now. It’s been an amazing experience and thank you all for supporting us. We really do have the best fans. I mean wow, just wow.

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    I never read it either, for the same reason! But now we’ll get an ending to it, albeit in a completely different context...
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    I am super excited to hear that Margaret Dunlap, who wrote some of my favorite episodes, is going to be partly in charge...
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