analyticritic asked:

Bernie, Hank mentioned that the actors can record their scripts at home. How do they time it so that they can respond accordingly? Is one part recorded in advance and then shown to the other member of the cast?

To clarify what Hank said here.

"Not only that, but actors can record scripts at home without needing to come on-location to shoot, making it more convenient for them and cheaper for us!"

It doesn’t mean that we actually shot the Gigi/Domino arc with actors at home, but it does mean that we have the option to. I’ll go into the details of this when the arc finishes.  

As for the scene you saw today on this video, we were experimenting as to how to produce this as efficiently as possible. Both sides were not shot simultaneously, but both actors were present for the shooting of the other actor’s side. 

I’m really curious to see how you all enjoy this thread. I personally think it’s very exciting, but again I’m open minded to accept that this may not work. It both opens up the format one way, yet constricts it greatly in another. 

Like almost everything we do, it’s an experiment. Thanks for coming along for the ride.