LBD - More Pre-Pemberley Questions. - Part 2

So if you missed the first 15 questions, they’re here at this link.

We also started a FAQ section over on our website, so if your questions wasn’t answered here it may be answered there.

Now to the questions!

Q16: Who wrote the content for Pemberley Digital’s website? It’s really well done and I think the ethos at PD matches up perfectly with how Darcy is characterised during the Pemberley arc in the novel. As a Nerdfighter, I’d also love to know if the reference to treadmill desks was Hank’s idea. It has to be, right?

A: That would be our Transmedia team at work. Our transmedia team consists of Jay, Alexandra, and myself. I wasn’t as involved with the specific content details but I did give some basic notes. That was really their show though.

As for treadmill desks, sorry… not a reference to Nerdfighters. Treadmill desks are quite the thing in new media/tech work places. I’ve seen them in action several times.

Q17: Who is paying for Lydia’s vacation? It makes me nervous that the Bennet parents could be that financially irresponsible because I don’t see how Lydia could pay for it herself.

A: Well Lydia, like any resourceful kid, finds a way. Vegas is a city that can be crazy expensive or be crazy cheap,depending on how you play it. She also does have income, from her YouTube videos and all.

Q18: Hello! I’d like to know two things re: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. One: Who came up the LBD theme tune? And two: in the LBD universe, who wrote the LBD theme tune? (Or should I go ask Charlotte that instead? :p)

A: Michael Aranda and Michael Aranda. He does good work. I kinda wonder what Charlotte’s answer would be.

Q19: Hi Bernie, just wondering - are any of the actors ever involved in the writing process? How involved is Hank seeing that he is a significant distance away?

A: The writers go first. The actors are not very involved in the writing process until they have scripts in front of them. Once they have the scripts in front of them, feedback from the actor is encouraged.

Hank’s involvement varies depending on how busy he is at the time. We do our weekly calls ( about one hour each ) to talk about everything that’s going on. They can cover general things or get really specific. But if you follow Hank it’s pretty clear that He has a lot going on. The guy has to take care of a big part of Vlogbrothers, Vidcon, DFTBA, Scishow, Crash course, his gaming channel, his personal channel, his music, and whatever else he has. Because of the nature of the show it has to keep going and is on a very defined and specific schedule at this point. There are times where he is watching edits (or editing), reading scripts, making notes, watching audition tapes, etc, and there are times where he’s just too busy to do anything (for example during P4A). Either way there is a great team here running The LBD.

Q20: Is there a reason we didn’t see a preview for the upcoming January 7th episode at the end of the video? Not trying to find out spoilers, just curious if it was a filming/editing issue or you just didn’t want to spoil it for us fans?

A: Experimenting. We’ve always just previewed you next locations (Netherfield, Hunsford, etc). You’ve always known what the next room that Lizzie’s in looks like (except for Vidcon). We wanted to see what happened if you didn’t. Put it this way, the original version of ep 76 (and the subsequent Lydia eps) had the preview of ep 77. I had it pulled. You can blame me.

Q21: Brilliant move to have Lizzie take a small break to “pack” for her move to SF to heighten the anticipation! Even more brilliant - having Gigi engage at this point of the story. Although I haven’t (yet) gone back to re-watch the Vlogs highlighted by Gigi, it seems clear that as we arrive at Pemberley, your team has pointed us to particularly pertinent points in the story. How were those specific videos decided upon? And were there any that were part of the discussion that didn’t make the cut?

A: Not to go into crazy details, but the timing of each of Gigi’s reactions to each episode was tracked to the minute. The ones she interacted with were ones that she’d have a reaction beyond being “prepped” for things. For example, if she had discovered the videos on her own she probably would have had a very negative (and possibly publicly) reaction to Episode 6, but as she said, she was “prepped”.

Q22: I was really intrigued by the setting for today’s The Lydia Bennet episode, where she’s in a car at night with traffic dimly visible passing by the fogged windows. It was visually interesting, while also contributing to the story by creating a sense of Lydia on her own and in a certain amount of (at least potential) jeopardy. Can you share anything about how you shot that? Were there any special challenges to doing so?

A: Thanks. Pretty simple, place phone on dash, make sure it stays put, push record and “action MK”. We make the shooting of it (and everything) as simple as possible so we can focus on the acting and writing.

Q23: Can we have more LBD Q&A videos? Thanks!

A: They are on their way. I’m glad you’re all enjoying them so much.

Q24: Do you guys have a plan on what to do with the twitters and tumblrs and stuff when the series is long over? Any organic whittling or just abruptly stopping.

A: We have a plan. They won’t all abruptly stop.

Q25: In the past few episodes (and just in general), “Lizzie” has posted some very personal things. Obviously, these events needed to happen to further the story, but what do you feel is “Lizzie’s” reasoning for posting personal fights, emotionally fraught events, and complaining about people with their real names on the Internet?

A: This goes back to where we need to take creative leaps to present the story. Again, if we were being super realistic Lizzie wouldn’t bad mouth Darcy as much as she has to such a big audience for so long. At this point, she’s gotten used to her perceived responsibilities as a lifecaster. This is her bed that she’s made and she’s lying in it.

Q26: I was wondering, when you started working on the adaptation, did you know the basic differences between the book and the show? Like Mr. Collins only asks Lizzie to be her business partner, and not literally proposes to her? Or you figured these things out while you worked on the story? And do you know how and when will LBD end?

A: It’s mixed. We had the Collins proposal down pretty early. I’d say we had that when we started. Lydia/Wickham, the fall of Lizzie/Charlotte friendship, what scene we’d show Darcy, and many more things we had from the start. But to clarify that “we had it from the start” really means, this is how we think we’re gonna do this… It’s not for sure until we actually do it.

Cousin Mary, Kitty Bennet as a cat, Caroline being aware of the videos, and many more things were figured out as we went. Yes, we know how it will end… at least we do for now.

Q27: any possible mention of zombies (like pride and prejudice and zombies).

A: Lizzie references zombies quite a few times. By my memory, 3.

Q28: Sorry if you’ve answered this before, but how much of the viewership is guys?

A: When we started it was about 18% men, now it’s about 11% men. We’re not losing men, we’re gaining women.

Q29: Is there any chance we could watch the actors’ auditions for their characters, or even their auditions for the other roles they didn’t get? (For example, Mary Kate Wiles’s take on Lizzie!)

A: The only person in the cast who actually auditioned for another character was Mary Kate, so this will be a short list. But as for the audition tapes, maybe the DVD.

Q30: From what I can tell (correct me if I’m wrong), the wardrobe for the characters are provided by their respective actors. Due to Jane having to be fashionable, is this any different for her?

A: That’s not entirely accurate. MOST of the wardrobe for the characters are provided by the respective actors. Every female character (except Mary and Caroline) have had at least one outfit provided by an outside source. Jane more so than the rest.

Q31: Hi Bernie, I’m not sure if this was already asked, but i was wondering in what ways (if so) do you think the audience interaction has changed the way you are telling your story so far, since the beginning of this project?

A: I think each writer on the team would answer this differently but because the audience is so passionate about the show, there are two things that have evolved from my perspective.

1. We make things less obvious. The audience is super passionate and since they catch everything we can be less obvious with our character moments, references, jokes, call backs, whatever.

2. We work even harder on the show. Every single person who works on this show (actors, writers, producers) is underpaid for the amount of work, detail, effort that they put in. But the demands of the audience keeps us at a high level. I’m not saying that we’re crying poverty, I’m saying that because the show is so loved, we work extra hard to make it as awesome as possible. The audience inspires us.

Q32: My best friend and I have both been watching The LBD since the beginning, with the difference being that I am on twitter and tumblr and see all the transmedia stuff, while she just watches Lizzie’s videos (not even Lydia’s). How do you make sure the story stays true for someone like my friend, who only sees one perspective, especially as the Lydia vlogs and all the characters’ tweets seem so integral to this part of the story.

A: My policy is that the Transmedia is there to enhance the story but is not required to enjoy it. If you want to get the story of Pride and Prejudice as a video blog then you can push play on this playlist, “lean back” in your chair, and get the whole story. (Like your friend seems to be doing).

But if you want an enhanced experience, see other POVs, and truly experience the grand world of The LBD you can “lean forward” and immerse yourself. We reward you for being immersed, and we don’t punish you if you don’t want to be.

I believe that we’re doing two things REALLY well.
1. We’re presenting a timeless classical story as a modernized video blog.
2. We’re presenting a real time immersive transmedia experience that has captivated an incredibly passionate fan base.

Q33: I have to ask. Are you planning to make another adaptation of Jane Austen’s novels… like Persuasion, maybe? :) It’s not as popular as Pride and Prejudice but it does have a good story to tell. Just wondering. :D

A: There will be another book adaptation. It may be Austen, it may not be. We’re already thinking about it, and we’re leaning towards some stories more than others but we haven’t committed yet. But there will be another book.

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