LBD - Pre Premberley Questions

Happy New Year everyone! What an incredible year it’s been for all of us, and Lizzie.  Thanks to all of you for supporting the show like you have.  It’s awesome to see how you’ve responded to our adaptation. We’ve made some pretty bold choices and it’s fun to follow the discussions on Tumblr, Reddit, and YouTube. The depth of your analysis is incredible and it keeps us on alert to keep our quality at a high level. It’s pretty clear that the LBD Fandom is one of the most passionate fan bases for any web series ever.

So anyway, Lizzie is in the middle of her first hiatus since we’ve started. Yes we took a break after 38 consecutive weeks of releasing two videos a week. But we didn’t take a break. Lydia Bennet is releasing two videos this week and you can catch up on her trip here.

Anyway, let’s get to some of your questions. There was a lot asked so I’m going to narrow it down to 15 for now and hopefully do more later.

Q1: I just wanted this clarified, is Kitty with Lydia in Vegas or is she stuck at home?

A: She’s at home. In general, cats aren’t great travellers.

Q2: What made you decide to have Lydia’s Brighton arc be a retaliation to Lizzie in the LBD as opposed to her just being immature in P&P? Also, how did you go about updating the Brighton arc to the modern era? (This second part you can answer after it plays out.)

A: Short answer (gonna be cryptic to avoid specifics).  Our Lydia is way more likable and  sympathetic than P&P Lydia. We needed to do something to separate Lizzie and Lydia in a way to give them both wrongs to overcome. As Lizzie represents Prejudice and tracking her growth, you’ve seen her learn to grow, accept, and understand almost every character she’s been at odds with except Lydia. (it’s sad that it’s family, but this happens a lot more than you may think)

As for adapting the Brighton arc, this is something we’ve had down longer than anything. What happens coming up needs to accomplish a lot in how it pushes the growth in Lizzie, Lydia, Darcy, and others. Enjoy the ride.  

Q3: The videos Lydia is posting are very spiteful towards Lizzie right now and they’re kinda making me angry at Lydia, who I love. Are you at all worried that at some point Lydia’s reaction to what Lizzie did (even from Lydia’s point of view) will seem extreme? Or that there will be too much negativity from Lydia herself, rather than the situation?

A: Whether you hate Lydia or not after this is up to you. If we’ve built up this super lovable character and then have her torn down then that is the result of an upcoming tragic event.  Tragic event needs to have lasting impacts So no, I’m not worried. I think at the end of this you’ll see where everyone is coming from and where the character faults are. And no, you aren’t getting a month of videos of Lydia being spiteful at Lizzie. There is an arc to this.

Q4: What does Mr. Bennet do? (As a career, obviously, since his hobbies have been outlined pretty well.) This is something I’ve wondered since I first discovered the Lizzie Bennet Diaries because he should have a job (or have had a job) in modern day. Thanks!

A: Mr. Bennet probably (it’s not canon until a character says it) works in corporate management. He manages people and reports to people that manage him. It’s something that puts him into the upper-middle class. It’s probably a lot of paper pushing, reports, and meetings that talk about other meetings.

Q5: Are we going to see any other characters that have been mentioned in the book/series? Like Mary’s boyfriend, Caroline’s sister+husband, Dr. Gardiner, Mr. Collins fiance, Catherine de Bourgh, etc? I was especially curious whether Louisa was going to exist in the LBD universe, since she and Caroline were so close in the book.

A: We’re not ruling anything out, but the characters that are branches of the supporting characters are pretty unlikely to be seen. Why would Lizzie or Lydia show Mary’s boyfriend? If there’s no good reason for them to be shown (or for the character to want to be shown) then they probably won’t be seen.

Q6: I’m fascinated with Caroline’s backstory. What does she do? Does she have a job?

A: Now that would be a fun story to tell. Seed planted!

Q7: Since Gigi tweeted how she watched all the videos, and Bing is one of her twitter followers, is Bing now “in the know” with the LBD or what?

A: We don’t know that Bing knows until we know that Bing knows. So we wait…
Btw, statistically most twitter users don’t read all their tweets.

Q8: I have 1 big question. Right now Darcey seems pretty unlikeable. I can not imagine a world where I like him, but I have faith in you and your writers. Do you really think you will make Darcy likable? Tolerable? I’ll be excited and blown away if you manage it!

A: If we don’t pull this off then we’ve failed at presenting Darcy. Plain and simple.

Q9: Hello! Thank you guys for making this great web series. I’d like to ask three little questions. First, what are your favourite moments from all the videos until now? Second, what have been the greatest challenges regarding the adaptation of P&P into a modern setting? Finally, is Gigi supposed to be around Lydia’s age or younger?

A1: I think I’ll do a more complete list  when we finish this but my favorite most recent moment was the Mary Bennet costume theater scene. No only because it was super funny, but because it’s our show at it’s best.
1. It shows characters (Lizzie, Mary)
2. It presents other characters under prejudicial circumstances (Wickham)
3. It plants seeds for other characters to react to - If Wickham sees that video, how do you think he’ll feel? How do you think he’ll react? :) - Go ahead and ponder that.

Other favorite moments., “You want the real story?!”, Lydia double shushing her and Lizzie in QA1, “It’s Super important”, Collins’ proposal, Wickham’s Abs reveal

A2: The greatest challenge is making a choice and having the faith and confidence that it’ll work out. There are a lot of ways to modernize something. The only way to know if it works is to make a choice and go for it.

A3: When you meet Gigi, you’ll get a sense of how old she is pretty quickly.

Q10: Is there anything you can tell us about Gigi’s thoughts/feelings about Lizzie’s videos? We have her tweets and comments, from which we can ascertain that she wasn’t expecting to like the videos, that she (unsurprisingly) is troubled by the episodes about/featuring George Wickham, that she really cares about Lizzie and Charlotte’s friendship (I thought that was sweet), and that she’s not opposed to Fitz’s plans re: Lizzie and Pemberley. Anything else you can say without getting spoilery?

A: Nope, you caught everything we were throwing at ya. And now your experience going into ep 77+ is enhanced, yay for Transmedia!  ;)

Q11: Did you (everyone involved with the LBD) enjoy watching the fandom exploding in the early hours of the morning during Gigi’s discovery of the videos?

A: I did very much as did the members of the story team that knew it was happening.
I know Ashley did too and she didn’t even know we were going to do that. It was fun and amazing to see it sizzle like it did. As a storyteller, there is no better feeling than that.

Q12: Is making the Darcy/Lizzie relationship compelling and believable (considering he did not appear physically until episode 60) the most challenging thing in adapting for the vlog format? And if not, what is?

A: Actually it’s not, I don’t think it is. The most challenging thing is trying to preserve the POV aspect of the show. Who watches the videos, who doesn’t, how does that inform what each character says or does. That’s the most challenging and I know we aren’t perfect at it, but it’s the most fun. (at least to me)

Q13: Hi Bernie! I wonder what is your favorite episode of LBD, and which one you most enjoyed writing. Sorry if someone already asked this before!

A: I don’t get asked this all that much, also it’s hard to answer since we keep cranking out new episodes all the time, and that the episodes are always so enjoyable and fun.

But I will say that my three favorite episodes that I (myself) have written are 42, 27, and 23.

42 Friends Forever because of what I say here.

27 Welcome to Netherfield because it was our first “game changing” moment. - Caroline knows about the videos… uh oh.

23 One Sister Behind is the episode that I believe is the the most structurally solid. It introduces multiple conflicts, jokes, and povs and pays them all off in 4 minutes. It’s probably the episode that stands alone the best when taken out of context of where it is in the narrative.

Q14: Have you guys wrapped filming for LBD yet? Will there be an after party w/ more awesome pictures like your Christmas party? I ask because I know the end is coming and I’m preparing to say goodbye to these amazing characters that you all created. To which, how are you all doing as LBD prepares for the end?

A: We have not wrapped filming. But I do hope we have a wrap party. I’m not sure when or if it will happen but I do hope that it does. I don’t know how everyone else is doing with the finish line coming up but I haven’t had a chance to think about it because I’ve been working on the show. Ask me again when it’s over :)

Q15: I love that the LBD are such a varied experience in terms of narrative sources. This week, I’ve been more excited to see Gigi use her youtube channel and then discover a PEMBERLEY DIGITAL WEBSITE than anything else. It’s amazing how much thought you put into creating this universe. I noticed PD also has a youtube channel. Can we expect more special contents in the next weeks, either from it or other sources beside the Bennets?

A: Cryptic answer: Everything we create for The LBD universe expansion exists for a reason.

Part 2 to come later - stay tuned. :)

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