comicgeekery asked:

If you do make a DVD, how will you integrate Lydia and Maria's videos? Personally, I loved watching those when they first came out to keep up an overall continuity. On a DVD I'd like it if those videos alternated with Lizzie's at the relevant points so it's easier to keep track of when everything is happening. However, since not everyone likes those videos, I could understand if you wanted Lydia and Maria to be on a separate disc or something.

I know when people think of DVD’s people always think of the bonus material, and I’m sure we’ll have that. But to me, as a storyteller, I absolutely believe the Lizzie Bennet Diaries needs to capture the whole grand universe experience that we’ve given you.

This is the feature that I believe trumps any behind the scenes, commentary, bloopers material or whatever.

The LBD DVD needs to give you a story experience that allows you to choose how you want to consume the story.  I think our whole experience has been about choice. You can just watch the videos, or you can dive deeper, that is up to you. 

Sure you can lean back and watch all of Lizzies videos,

OR you can lean back and watch all of Lizzie’s videos while Maria and/or Lydia’s and/or any other spinoff (not promising anything) we throw at you are interspersed in between. 

And/OR you can watch all of Lizzie’s videos, see all the spin off videos, and see all the tweets, tumbles, fashion blogs, whatever.

The more and more I think about this, the more I want this DVD. Not just for the show, not just for the fans, not just for the team, but for everyone everywhere to enjoy this story and have an amazing experience. 

As I said before, if there is a Lizzie Bennet Diaries DVD, it can’t just be videos, and it can’t just be normal bonus content. Like I believe our show has been in regards to storytelling, this DVD needs to be something of the next level. 

  1. lies said: Heh. “The more and more I think about this, the more I want this DVD.” Mission 98% accomplished. :-)