LBD Related Questions


  1. Where will Lizzie spend Thanksgiving next week? 
  2. When is Lizzie’s birthday? For that matter, when is anyone’s birthday? (Jane, Lydia, Darcy specifically)
  3. Will there be a Christmas special? A New Year’s Special?
  4. How long will the show go on for? Til January? March? April?
  5. Will everyone end up happy?
  6. I’ll also post some musings about Episode 64 later on. 

Answers in order.

  1. You’ll find out next week!
  2. You’ll find one out soon enough.
  3. You’ll find out next month
  4. At least February.
  5. You’ll find out sometime after February
  6. Looking forward to it!
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    Those were all vague but they made me happy :) February…I can live with that for now. I don’t know what I’ll do when...
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    1) Okay cool. 2) I want to know all of them! But wait, what if it’s Lizzie’s…she was 24 last April…and it’s...
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    Answers in order. You’ll find out next week! You’ll find one out soon enough. You’ll find out next month At least...
  11. lies said: Yes. Answers. We want all the answers. Give them to us. Give them _now_.