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I'm quite curious about Darcy's cap(s). Are there actually two different caps? Or is it just one that gets passed around? What can you tell us about it? It's being used hilariously and brilliantly and tying together an interesting set of narrative threads. Will we ever see Lizzie wearing the cap and pretending to be Darcy to Darcy? Or Darcy wearing the cap on Lizzie's vlogs and poking fun at himself? Sorry. I'm fixated on the cap right now.

Darcy’s cap in the vlog is owned by Lizzie. It was probably her dad’s and she dug it out of the attic to represent “Darcy” in her costuming, just as Lizzie got that kid Doctor mirror head band thing to represent Bing Lee. 

Does Darcy own a similar hat? Yes. Does Bing Lee wear a doctor mirror? No. 

As for everything else… no spoilers.

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