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From the preview on Lydia's vlog, Caroline is the next LBD video. This is a small change from the book, correct? Do you guys have more of that coming up (I feel like you almost have to...)? Without giving anything away, how hard has it been adapting some of the upcoming story lines into the modern era?

Not to spoil anything, but yes the further we get into the story, the more we have to adjust stuff. 

When we started we had the framework of book to follow, but as we go we have to adjust more and more to the framework of the story world that we’ve built.

I don’t know if I’d classify it as “hard”, but it has at times been challenging. Regardless, it’s always a lot of fun. Our story meetings run long and late, but I’m always pumped for them. 

So far I think the most challenging thing (at least for me) was figuring out how Caroline played into the Netherfield arc. Having her be Lizzie’s “faux friend”. It was such a departure from the book, but it just felt so necessary for our world  and I have no regrets on that call. 

And yes Caroline at “Hunsford” does not happen in the book, certainly not the first thing we’ve ever changed, but when you see it, it’ll be pretty evident as to why she is (had to be) there. 

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