Hank Green stumbled through the ruined wasteland, coughing as ashes and disintegrated data filled his lungs. A light drizzle was falling, but he knew that it wasn’t rain - it was tears.

He walked past the broken, still slightly flickering red “Tube” sign, wondering briefly where it’s counterpart had gone to. He could see his target standing off in the distance, a group of people obscured by the smoke still billowing through the air. A few trips and coughs later, he had reached them.

“Bernie,” he choked. “What have you done?”

Bernie Su stood on a pile broken, fully green “like” bars, grinning like a madman at the mess that stood before him. The LBD production team was gathered around, ankle deep in a sea of “kjfhjfhkjzfseiaufg” comments. “Isn’t it beautiful?” he declared.

Most members of the team looked triumphant at the disaster surrounding them. Rachel Kiley stood off to the side, madly typing out tweets and status updates, appearing annoyed by the chaos around her. Question Mark, in his burgundy shirt and suspenders, may have been happy, but it was impossibly to tell, since a shadow fell across his face. Only Ashley Clements looked worried, like the remains of a fallen fangirl would latch onto her leg and pull her down into the rubble at any second.

“Look around you!” exclaimed Hank, gesturing towards the wasteland they were standing in. “This is a nightmare! I didn’t agree to this!”

“Oh, but don’t you see, Hank?” said Bernie. He looked positively unhinged, his clothing covered in what appeared to be “feels.” “Every moment has led up to this!”

Hank looked all around him, desperation straining his features. “But…what exactly did you do?”

A Cheshire-cat like grin appeared on Bernie’s face, and he began to laugh. “I’ve…We’ve done it. We’ve blown up the internet.”

Wow this is my first fan fiction. Not a fan fiction of characters that I write for, but a fan fiction of ME (Bernie Su).

Definitely a first :)

Oh and apparently I also have an evil cave-lab in which I cackle :P

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