As you watch the Frank and Jane videos on Emma Approved.

Hello Emma Approved fans,

This morning we dropped nine (yes NINE) videos covering the Frank and Jane relationship

I’d love to know what you feel about this experience. Mainly, the binge watching. (Ask box, or reblog with comment).

Ever since the first days of Emma Approved we had discussed internally how to cover this “secret” relationship on screen, when to reveal it, how it gets revealed, etc.

We had all sorts of crazy ideas that were generally either too big, too expensive, or just plain illogical for the characters.

Anyway, those of you who were with us during Pemberley x Wickham arc during LBD… remember as it was playing out, you were seeing the Lydia x Wickham relationship grow in parallel to the Lizzie x Darcy one at Pemberley. That time we did it in parallel and this time we did it as an aftermath.  

Looking forward to seeing the response.



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Here we go…. 

daalalou asked:

I absolutely LOVE the way Stephen Chang has portrayed Frank Churchill, so much so that I feel physically sick after seeing him behave this way in today's episode (63). Is it too much to hope that you will portray some non-canon redemption on his part (after all, Lydia got some)?

It’s safe to say that we are not done with Stephen Chang’s Frank Churchill quite yet.