just-plain-eric asked:

Did you expect such vitriolic responses from certain members of the Fandom? I have seen an overwhelming number of positive responses of various degrees, but those who are opposed to the move seem to be much more intense about their dislike.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s a bold move by us and bold moves should result in big reactions.

Sure you have intense dislike but then you have huge excitement, which is the polarization I’m guessing that you’re speaking of. But all the reactions thus far are reacting to the idea of it rather than the execution. It can go both ways, you may hate it now and love what we do, or you can love it now and hate what we do. 

I’m looking forward to what develops.



New Video: “Karma is a…” 

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This will be fun. I’ll blog about this crossover later, when we’re further along in this arc. I love seeing all the positive and negative responses to it. I look forward to seeing the responses as the arc progresses.

But quick answers to questions I’m seeing.

1. We decided on this move back in December 2013.

2. Fan influence was a factor.

If you have any questions - Ask box is open.



I’m pretttttty sure everybody knows Harriet is my favorite evereverever, so what does one do when bored in class? Doodle ALL THE HARRIETS. Obviously.

There are so many amazing things about this, but from the storyteller’s perspective the coolest thing is that you can actually track Harriet’s character arc in Emma Approved THROUGH her fashion and look. 

Love it!



I asked you all to send in videos to create an epic Frozen “Love Is An Open Door” sing-a-long, and wow did you ever! Here’s the result of taking all these videos and putting them into one big mashup with me! I can’t thank you enough for participating in this. I’m really proud of what we all did together!

So this is now my favorite Maxwell Glick video to date! So awesome!