LBD - Fans and the 4th wall breaking.

Hi Everyone,

Sure I’ll address it. First, if you want to catch up with what has happened up to this point you can go here. Which, from what I can tell, is pretty accurate, if not spot on. I seriously was confused jumping into tumblr last night. “What the heck was going on?.” Half the creative team just spent the entire day building something incredible and all of a sudden there was all this chaos. I was trying to track everything, not to stop it, not to get angry, but just to understand it all. 

So far, I’m seeing this as one incident with two parts.

1. GigiDarcy (the tumblr account not the LBD character), wrote a post about an interpretation on Rachel Kiley (the writer of the Lydia arc) of what may be going on in her mind over the last few days. This post was a joke/bit/meant to be funny (as was said in the question). 

2. MK and Ashley in the comments, responded by defending Rachel as comment notes because they didn’t appreciate the joke.

So yes as I agree it was a joke, but I don’t agree that MK and Ashley were browbeating GigiDarcy. I can understand how those notes could be interpreted as such, but this is my personal interpretation. If MK and Ashley really wanted to throw their weight around, leaving  short comments as notes seems like a really ineffective way to do it. I saw this as Gigidarcy making a joke about Rachel followed by MK and Ashley responding with “that joke wasn’t funny” and “we don’t appreciate that joke”.  It may be funny to everyone else, but it wasn’t funny to them. If you’re a blond, you don’t appreciate blond jokes. If you’re short, you don’t appreciate short jokes. If you and your family is polish, you probably don’t appreciate polish jokes.

Basically this whole thing just got blown out of proportions. I texted the team members to make sure that they were okay, and I wrote a personal note to GigiDarcy.tumblr last night to clarify that I wasn’t upset, to say how sorry I was for the amount of negative attention she may have been getting, and how I’ve appreciated how great of a fan she’s been for quite some time. She was in a seahorses hangout a few days ago that I was able to jump into and she seemed like a sweet and lovely person.

— This is the part where I talk about 4th wall breaking.

So finally, I’ll address the breaking of the 4th wall discussion that’s going on (not in the question, but I’ve seen it around the tags). This is summed up as, if you work on the show, you shouldn’t be in the fan discussions/tags/whatever. 

I’ve never been part of a fandom, so this is new to me, so I may not know fandoms, but I know hollywood artists. I know that creators who are bigger stars/on bigger shows go on to the fan message boards. They may not be reblogging or interacting directly, but they’re there. I guarantee that they are. They’re there because they want to see what people are saying about their art. They may not see all of it, but they see a lot of it.

The Internet is a free and open place. Just as we (and you) have a channel to make art (or write posts/create content), you have the channel to comment, critique, praise, and discuss it. This then gives us the channel to respond to those, which then of course gives you the channel to respond back. It’s the cycle of communication.

— This is where I talk about how the creators of the show need to be here.

Regardless of any of that, I have to break the 4th wall and be here, and so do AlexandraJayRachel, and Margaret because the SHOW itself is a 4th wall breaking show. There is no way our show can interact and feel as immersive as it is without understanding how the fans are reacting to stuff.

So I’m not going anywhere. I like seeing the responses, I like seeing the analysis, and I like seeing the critiques. 

  • If you are saying how much you love the show, thank you; because it pushes us to make the show as best as we can to honor your praise.
  • If you are analyzing the show to a deep level, thank you; because it pushes us to make show deep and subtextual so you can have more to analyze.
  • And if you’re critiquing the show, thank you; because it challenges us to make the best adaptation of P&P that we possibly can.

I know that there is no way The LBD would at the level that it is without feedback from the fans. As some of you have stated how incredible our adaptation has been, I can say back to you all that it is as incredible seeing how you’ve responded to our hard work with (gifs, fan art, analysis, and everything). So thank you for being the best fans we could possibly have, you have literally made the show the best it can be.

It is an honor to create for you,



Really blown away by the fan response to this episode. It was a fun one to write, rehearse, and shoot. Like every other character in our show… Georgiana Darcy is a force to be reckoned with. =)


The Lizzie Trap

I try to head to dinner, Gigi stops me.

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LBD - Why is she “Lizzie” instead of “Lizzy”?


Q: How did you make the decision for Lizzie to be Lizzie and not Lizzy as she was in the book? I was just wondering earlier and it’s an interesting change.

A: Ah the question I’ve been waiting for. Well not really. But I am surprised at how long it took for this question to hit my ask box.  I remember when we started this thing and we’d have several YT comments saying something to the tune of “This is wrong… isn’t she Lizzy in the book?”

Analyzing it, you could probably imagine several reasons why she’s “Lizzie”… 

1. Calling her Lizzie differentiates her from her 1800 counterpart.

2. Lizzie is a “cooler” and more modernized way to spell her name.

3. The Lizzy Bennet Diaries looks aesthetically strange. Why is that y there? Why is it the only letter in the title that breaks the lower plane. That’s weird looking. 

But in reality none of those reasons are why she’s named Lizzie. Yes they are great results of calling her that but here’s the REAL REASON why she’s Lizzie.

Back when Hank and I were doing early development of the show,  I told him that “I wanted to call her Lizzie instead of Lizzy?” - Which he agreed with (probably for some of the reasons listed above).

And why did I want that in the first place? It’s actually really, really simple.

I wanted our “Lizzie” to be spelled with an IE because my name is “Bernie” and Bernie is spelled with an IE  =)

navigatingimperfection asked:

Hey! I've been reading you Q&As about LBD (which i watch religiously) and I wanted you to know that I appreciate the way you're handling the story. People have questions about what's going to happen in the future of the show with the plot, and your answers all seem to be along the line of: letting the plot and characters take the show where it will be. If someone shows up, it will be be because it's natural to do so. I don't know if that makes sense or if I'm over-analyzing..but thanks :)

Thank you lokokopuffs. 

You are absolutely 100% correct. The characters are ours. Yes they are an adaptation of what’s in the Austen text, but they are NOT those characters. If you’re watching our show up to now, I think that is pretty obvious. So our characters react differently because of who we’ve made them to be and what our modern era has put around them. So yes, we’ve given the plot these “general points” that our story needs to hit. How our characters get there is determined by our characters. As you said, we let the characters take the show where it will be. 

Also about future plot points, my belief is that it’s not for sure until it’s actually shot. Sure I could tell you a lot of things that we’re planning to do after Lizzie gets back from Pemberley, but until it’s actually shot (which it isn’t) it’s not for sure. 

Thanks for watching and great analysis.


LBD - More Pre-Pemberley Questions. - Part 2

So if you missed the first 15 questions, they’re here at this link.

We also started a FAQ section over on our website, so if your questions wasn’t answered here it may be answered there.

Now to the questions!

Q16: Who wrote the content for Pemberley Digital’s website? It’s really well done and I think the ethos at PD matches up perfectly with how Darcy is characterised during the Pemberley arc in the novel. As a Nerdfighter, I’d also love to know if the reference to treadmill desks was Hank’s idea. It has to be, right?

A: That would be our Transmedia team at work. Our transmedia team consists of Jay, Alexandra, and myself. I wasn’t as involved with the specific content details but I did give some basic notes. That was really their show though.

As for treadmill desks, sorry… not a reference to Nerdfighters. Treadmill desks are quite the thing in new media/tech work places. I’ve seen them in action several times.

Q17: Who is paying for Lydia’s vacation? It makes me nervous that the Bennet parents could be that financially irresponsible because I don’t see how Lydia could pay for it herself.

A: Well Lydia, like any resourceful kid, finds a way. Vegas is a city that can be crazy expensive or be crazy cheap,depending on how you play it. She also does have income, from her YouTube videos and all.

Q18: Hello! I’d like to know two things re: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. One: Who came up the LBD theme tune? And two: in the LBD universe, who wrote the LBD theme tune? (Or should I go ask Charlotte that instead? :p)

A: Michael Aranda and Michael Aranda. He does good work. I kinda wonder what Charlotte’s answer would be.

Q19: Hi Bernie, just wondering - are any of the actors ever involved in the writing process? How involved is Hank seeing that he is a significant distance away?

A: The writers go first. The actors are not very involved in the writing process until they have scripts in front of them. Once they have the scripts in front of them, feedback from the actor is encouraged.

Hank’s involvement varies depending on how busy he is at the time. We do our weekly calls ( about one hour each ) to talk about everything that’s going on. They can cover general things or get really specific. But if you follow Hank it’s pretty clear that He has a lot going on. The guy has to take care of a big part of Vlogbrothers, Vidcon, DFTBA, Scishow, Crash course, his gaming channel, his personal channel, his music, and whatever else he has. Because of the nature of the show it has to keep going and is on a very defined and specific schedule at this point. There are times where he is watching edits (or editing), reading scripts, making notes, watching audition tapes, etc, and there are times where he’s just too busy to do anything (for example during P4A). Either way there is a great team here running The LBD.

Q20: Is there a reason we didn’t see a preview for the upcoming January 7th episode at the end of the video? Not trying to find out spoilers, just curious if it was a filming/editing issue or you just didn’t want to spoil it for us fans?

A: Experimenting. We’ve always just previewed you next locations (Netherfield, Hunsford, etc). You’ve always known what the next room that Lizzie’s in looks like (except for Vidcon). We wanted to see what happened if you didn’t. Put it this way, the original version of ep 76 (and the subsequent Lydia eps) had the preview of ep 77. I had it pulled. You can blame me.

Q21: Brilliant move to have Lizzie take a small break to “pack” for her move to SF to heighten the anticipation! Even more brilliant - having Gigi engage at this point of the story. Although I haven’t (yet) gone back to re-watch the Vlogs highlighted by Gigi, it seems clear that as we arrive at Pemberley, your team has pointed us to particularly pertinent points in the story. How were those specific videos decided upon? And were there any that were part of the discussion that didn’t make the cut?

A: Not to go into crazy details, but the timing of each of Gigi’s reactions to each episode was tracked to the minute. The ones she interacted with were ones that she’d have a reaction beyond being “prepped” for things. For example, if she had discovered the videos on her own she probably would have had a very negative (and possibly publicly) reaction to Episode 6, but as she said, she was “prepped”.

Q22: I was really intrigued by the setting for today’s The Lydia Bennet episode, where she’s in a car at night with traffic dimly visible passing by the fogged windows. It was visually interesting, while also contributing to the story by creating a sense of Lydia on her own and in a certain amount of (at least potential) jeopardy. Can you share anything about how you shot that? Were there any special challenges to doing so?

A: Thanks. Pretty simple, place phone on dash, make sure it stays put, push record and “action MK”. We make the shooting of it (and everything) as simple as possible so we can focus on the acting and writing.

Q23: Can we have more LBD Q&A videos? Thanks!

A: They are on their way. I’m glad you’re all enjoying them so much.

Q24: Do you guys have a plan on what to do with the twitters and tumblrs and stuff when the series is long over? Any organic whittling or just abruptly stopping.

A: We have a plan. They won’t all abruptly stop.

Q25: In the past few episodes (and just in general), “Lizzie” has posted some very personal things. Obviously, these events needed to happen to further the story, but what do you feel is “Lizzie’s” reasoning for posting personal fights, emotionally fraught events, and complaining about people with their real names on the Internet?

A: This goes back to where we need to take creative leaps to present the story. Again, if we were being super realistic Lizzie wouldn’t bad mouth Darcy as much as she has to such a big audience for so long. At this point, she’s gotten used to her perceived responsibilities as a lifecaster. This is her bed that she’s made and she’s lying in it.

Q26: I was wondering, when you started working on the adaptation, did you know the basic differences between the book and the show? Like Mr. Collins only asks Lizzie to be her business partner, and not literally proposes to her? Or you figured these things out while you worked on the story? And do you know how and when will LBD end?

A: It’s mixed. We had the Collins proposal down pretty early. I’d say we had that when we started. Lydia/Wickham, the fall of Lizzie/Charlotte friendship, what scene we’d show Darcy, and many more things we had from the start. But to clarify that “we had it from the start” really means, this is how we think we’re gonna do this… It’s not for sure until we actually do it.

Cousin Mary, Kitty Bennet as a cat, Caroline being aware of the videos, and many more things were figured out as we went. Yes, we know how it will end… at least we do for now.

Q27: any possible mention of zombies (like pride and prejudice and zombies).

A: Lizzie references zombies quite a few times. By my memory, 3.

Q28: Sorry if you’ve answered this before, but how much of the viewership is guys?

A: When we started it was about 18% men, now it’s about 11% men. We’re not losing men, we’re gaining women.

Q29: Is there any chance we could watch the actors’ auditions for their characters, or even their auditions for the other roles they didn’t get? (For example, Mary Kate Wiles’s take on Lizzie!)

A: The only person in the cast who actually auditioned for another character was Mary Kate, so this will be a short list. But as for the audition tapes, maybe the DVD.

Q30: From what I can tell (correct me if I’m wrong), the wardrobe for the characters are provided by their respective actors. Due to Jane having to be fashionable, is this any different for her?

A: That’s not entirely accurate. MOST of the wardrobe for the characters are provided by the respective actors. Every female character (except Mary and Caroline) have had at least one outfit provided by an outside source. Jane more so than the rest.

Q31: Hi Bernie, I’m not sure if this was already asked, but i was wondering in what ways (if so) do you think the audience interaction has changed the way you are telling your story so far, since the beginning of this project?

A: I think each writer on the team would answer this differently but because the audience is so passionate about the show, there are two things that have evolved from my perspective.

1. We make things less obvious. The audience is super passionate and since they catch everything we can be less obvious with our character moments, references, jokes, call backs, whatever.

2. We work even harder on the show. Every single person who works on this show (actors, writers, producers) is underpaid for the amount of work, detail, effort that they put in. But the demands of the audience keeps us at a high level. I’m not saying that we’re crying poverty, I’m saying that because the show is so loved, we work extra hard to make it as awesome as possible. The audience inspires us.

Q32: My best friend and I have both been watching The LBD since the beginning, with the difference being that I am on twitter and tumblr and see all the transmedia stuff, while she just watches Lizzie’s videos (not even Lydia’s). How do you make sure the story stays true for someone like my friend, who only sees one perspective, especially as the Lydia vlogs and all the characters’ tweets seem so integral to this part of the story.

A: My policy is that the Transmedia is there to enhance the story but is not required to enjoy it. If you want to get the story of Pride and Prejudice as a video blog then you can push play on this playlist, “lean back” in your chair, and get the whole story. (Like your friend seems to be doing).

But if you want an enhanced experience, see other POVs, and truly experience the grand world of The LBD you can “lean forward” and immerse yourself. We reward you for being immersed, and we don’t punish you if you don’t want to be.

I believe that we’re doing two things REALLY well.
1. We’re presenting a timeless classical story as a modernized video blog.
2. We’re presenting a real time immersive transmedia experience that has captivated an incredibly passionate fan base.

Q33: I have to ask. Are you planning to make another adaptation of Jane Austen’s novels… like Persuasion, maybe? :) It’s not as popular as Pride and Prejudice but it does have a good story to tell. Just wondering. :D

A: There will be another book adaptation. It may be Austen, it may not be. We’re already thinking about it, and we’re leaning towards some stories more than others but we haven’t committed yet. But there will be another book.

When one character following another on twitter sends the fandom into a frenzy.
See below :)



So when did Lizzie start following Darcy?




When one character following another on twitter sends the fandom into a frenzy.

See below :)



So when did Lizzie start following Darcy?








LBD - Pre Premberley Questions

Happy New Year everyone! What an incredible year it’s been for all of us, and Lizzie.  Thanks to all of you for supporting the show like you have.  It’s awesome to see how you’ve responded to our adaptation. We’ve made some pretty bold choices and it’s fun to follow the discussions on Tumblr, Reddit, and YouTube. The depth of your analysis is incredible and it keeps us on alert to keep our quality at a high level. It’s pretty clear that the LBD Fandom is one of the most passionate fan bases for any web series ever.

So anyway, Lizzie is in the middle of her first hiatus since we’ve started. Yes we took a break after 38 consecutive weeks of releasing two videos a week. But we didn’t take a break. Lydia Bennet is releasing two videos this week and you can catch up on her trip here.

Anyway, let’s get to some of your questions. There was a lot asked so I’m going to narrow it down to 15 for now and hopefully do more later.

Q1: I just wanted this clarified, is Kitty with Lydia in Vegas or is she stuck at home?

A: She’s at home. In general, cats aren’t great travellers.

Q2: What made you decide to have Lydia’s Brighton arc be a retaliation to Lizzie in the LBD as opposed to her just being immature in P&P? Also, how did you go about updating the Brighton arc to the modern era? (This second part you can answer after it plays out.)

A: Short answer (gonna be cryptic to avoid specifics).  Our Lydia is way more likable and  sympathetic than P&P Lydia. We needed to do something to separate Lizzie and Lydia in a way to give them both wrongs to overcome. As Lizzie represents Prejudice and tracking her growth, you’ve seen her learn to grow, accept, and understand almost every character she’s been at odds with except Lydia. (it’s sad that it’s family, but this happens a lot more than you may think)

As for adapting the Brighton arc, this is something we’ve had down longer than anything. What happens coming up needs to accomplish a lot in how it pushes the growth in Lizzie, Lydia, Darcy, and others. Enjoy the ride.  

Q3: The videos Lydia is posting are very spiteful towards Lizzie right now and they’re kinda making me angry at Lydia, who I love. Are you at all worried that at some point Lydia’s reaction to what Lizzie did (even from Lydia’s point of view) will seem extreme? Or that there will be too much negativity from Lydia herself, rather than the situation?

A: Whether you hate Lydia or not after this is up to you. If we’ve built up this super lovable character and then have her torn down then that is the result of an upcoming tragic event.  Tragic event needs to have lasting impacts So no, I’m not worried. I think at the end of this you’ll see where everyone is coming from and where the character faults are. And no, you aren’t getting a month of videos of Lydia being spiteful at Lizzie. There is an arc to this.

Q4: What does Mr. Bennet do? (As a career, obviously, since his hobbies have been outlined pretty well.) This is something I’ve wondered since I first discovered the Lizzie Bennet Diaries because he should have a job (or have had a job) in modern day. Thanks!

A: Mr. Bennet probably (it’s not canon until a character says it) works in corporate management. He manages people and reports to people that manage him. It’s something that puts him into the upper-middle class. It’s probably a lot of paper pushing, reports, and meetings that talk about other meetings.

Q5: Are we going to see any other characters that have been mentioned in the book/series? Like Mary’s boyfriend, Caroline’s sister+husband, Dr. Gardiner, Mr. Collins fiance, Catherine de Bourgh, etc? I was especially curious whether Louisa was going to exist in the LBD universe, since she and Caroline were so close in the book.

A: We’re not ruling anything out, but the characters that are branches of the supporting characters are pretty unlikely to be seen. Why would Lizzie or Lydia show Mary’s boyfriend? If there’s no good reason for them to be shown (or for the character to want to be shown) then they probably won’t be seen.

Q6: I’m fascinated with Caroline’s backstory. What does she do? Does she have a job?

A: Now that would be a fun story to tell. Seed planted!

Q7: Since Gigi tweeted how she watched all the videos, and Bing is one of her twitter followers, is Bing now “in the know” with the LBD or what?

A: We don’t know that Bing knows until we know that Bing knows. So we wait…
Btw, statistically most twitter users don’t read all their tweets.

Q8: I have 1 big question. Right now Darcey seems pretty unlikeable. I can not imagine a world where I like him, but I have faith in you and your writers. Do you really think you will make Darcy likable? Tolerable? I’ll be excited and blown away if you manage it!

A: If we don’t pull this off then we’ve failed at presenting Darcy. Plain and simple.

Q9: Hello! Thank you guys for making this great web series. I’d like to ask three little questions. First, what are your favourite moments from all the videos until now? Second, what have been the greatest challenges regarding the adaptation of P&P into a modern setting? Finally, is Gigi supposed to be around Lydia’s age or younger?

A1: I think I’ll do a more complete list  when we finish this but my favorite most recent moment was the Mary Bennet costume theater scene. No only because it was super funny, but because it’s our show at it’s best.
1. It shows characters (Lizzie, Mary)
2. It presents other characters under prejudicial circumstances (Wickham)
3. It plants seeds for other characters to react to - If Wickham sees that video, how do you think he’ll feel? How do you think he’ll react? :) - Go ahead and ponder that.

Other favorite moments., “You want the real story?!”, Lydia double shushing her and Lizzie in QA1, “It’s Super important”, Collins’ proposal, Wickham’s Abs reveal

A2: The greatest challenge is making a choice and having the faith and confidence that it’ll work out. There are a lot of ways to modernize something. The only way to know if it works is to make a choice and go for it.

A3: When you meet Gigi, you’ll get a sense of how old she is pretty quickly.

Q10: Is there anything you can tell us about Gigi’s thoughts/feelings about Lizzie’s videos? We have her tweets and comments, from which we can ascertain that she wasn’t expecting to like the videos, that she (unsurprisingly) is troubled by the episodes about/featuring George Wickham, that she really cares about Lizzie and Charlotte’s friendship (I thought that was sweet), and that she’s not opposed to Fitz’s plans re: Lizzie and Pemberley. Anything else you can say without getting spoilery?

A: Nope, you caught everything we were throwing at ya. And now your experience going into ep 77+ is enhanced, yay for Transmedia!  ;)

Q11: Did you (everyone involved with the LBD) enjoy watching the fandom exploding in the early hours of the morning during Gigi’s discovery of the videos?

A: I did very much as did the members of the story team that knew it was happening.
I know Ashley did too and she didn’t even know we were going to do that. It was fun and amazing to see it sizzle like it did. As a storyteller, there is no better feeling than that.

Q12: Is making the Darcy/Lizzie relationship compelling and believable (considering he did not appear physically until episode 60) the most challenging thing in adapting for the vlog format? And if not, what is?

A: Actually it’s not, I don’t think it is. The most challenging thing is trying to preserve the POV aspect of the show. Who watches the videos, who doesn’t, how does that inform what each character says or does. That’s the most challenging and I know we aren’t perfect at it, but it’s the most fun. (at least to me)

Q13: Hi Bernie! I wonder what is your favorite episode of LBD, and which one you most enjoyed writing. Sorry if someone already asked this before!

A: I don’t get asked this all that much, also it’s hard to answer since we keep cranking out new episodes all the time, and that the episodes are always so enjoyable and fun.

But I will say that my three favorite episodes that I (myself) have written are 42, 27, and 23.

42 Friends Forever because of what I say here.

27 Welcome to Netherfield because it was our first “game changing” moment. - Caroline knows about the videos… uh oh.

23 One Sister Behind is the episode that I believe is the the most structurally solid. It introduces multiple conflicts, jokes, and povs and pays them all off in 4 minutes. It’s probably the episode that stands alone the best when taken out of context of where it is in the narrative.

Q14: Have you guys wrapped filming for LBD yet? Will there be an after party w/ more awesome pictures like your Christmas party? I ask because I know the end is coming and I’m preparing to say goodbye to these amazing characters that you all created. To which, how are you all doing as LBD prepares for the end?

A: We have not wrapped filming. But I do hope we have a wrap party. I’m not sure when or if it will happen but I do hope that it does. I don’t know how everyone else is doing with the finish line coming up but I haven’t had a chance to think about it because I’ve been working on the show. Ask me again when it’s over :)

Q15: I love that the LBD are such a varied experience in terms of narrative sources. This week, I’ve been more excited to see Gigi use her youtube channel and then discover a PEMBERLEY DIGITAL WEBSITE than anything else. It’s amazing how much thought you put into creating this universe. I noticed PD also has a youtube channel. Can we expect more special contents in the next weeks, either from it or other sources beside the Bennets?

A: Cryptic answer: Everything we create for The LBD universe expansion exists for a reason.

Part 2 to come later - stay tuned. :)