Don’t you love it when a fan theory that one of our characters is a secret agent spawns into something like this? :)


It is a truth universally classified that an ex-agent in possession of an undercover organization must eventually save a life.

Years ago, Will Darcy left the intelligence when he thought he had seen the last of notorious pimp, Mr Wickham. But what happens when a mysterious woman enters his life and they discover his best friend had never really been a med student at all? 

With his past and her present colliding, the stakes are higher than ever as they find themselves racing between the unforgiving hills of San Francisco and the slums of Serbian slavery.

[Pride and Espionage ideas had been a joint LBD Seahorses and genderific effort. Credits go to everyone!]

LBD - Fan response follow up. (fans and 4th wall breaking)

So this is a follow up to this post, as some responses would like more clarification. I’ll open this by saying that this is the last I’m going to speak of this. If I don’t answer everything I am sorry, but I’d rather be spending the rest of my Sunday (this post has taken 3+ hours of my time) making the show great rather than having to defend it and letting the show suffer. There are 4 videos coming out this week and I want to make sure that they are ready to go.

So from what I’m seeing, there are three different camps of the fandom.

  1. You love how interactive we are as creators and actors and want us to continue.
  2. You love how interactive we are as creators and actors but are off-put by the gigidarcy joke incident and/or continued/past comments by MK, Ash, and Rachel
  3. You’re off-put by how we’re “in the fandom” in the first place reading and/or interacting with stuff, and the incident just highlights that. -  ”The fandom is for the fans” 
Where ever you land in this you are entitled to your own opinion. Yes I am a tumblr user, and yes I read the tags. I don’t read everything, not even close. But I catch stuff here and there. I’m not going to try to sway you from either camp. I will say that the creative team has to read the tags. It’s part of the lifeblood of the show, we need to monitor it, I’m sorry… this may not be normal for fandoms. But there has been no show in history like The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Let’s innovate together. 
So to clarify a few thing,  first, from my inbox. 

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LBD - Fans and the 4th wall breaking.

Hi Everyone,

Sure I’ll address it. First, if you want to catch up with what has happened up to this point you can go here. Which, from what I can tell, is pretty accurate, if not spot on. I seriously was confused jumping into tumblr last night. “What the heck was going on?.” Half the creative team just spent the entire day building something incredible and all of a sudden there was all this chaos. I was trying to track everything, not to stop it, not to get angry, but just to understand it all. 

So far, I’m seeing this as one incident with two parts.

1. GigiDarcy (the tumblr account not the LBD character), wrote a post about an interpretation on Rachel Kiley (the writer of the Lydia arc) of what may be going on in her mind over the last few days. This post was a joke/bit/meant to be funny (as was said in the question). 

2. MK and Ashley in the comments, responded by defending Rachel as comment notes because they didn’t appreciate the joke.

So yes as I agree it was a joke, but I don’t agree that MK and Ashley were browbeating GigiDarcy. I can understand how those notes could be interpreted as such, but this is my personal interpretation. If MK and Ashley really wanted to throw their weight around, leaving  short comments as notes seems like a really ineffective way to do it. I saw this as Gigidarcy making a joke about Rachel followed by MK and Ashley responding with “that joke wasn’t funny” and “we don’t appreciate that joke”.  It may be funny to everyone else, but it wasn’t funny to them. If you’re a blond, you don’t appreciate blond jokes. If you’re short, you don’t appreciate short jokes. If you and your family is polish, you probably don’t appreciate polish jokes.

Basically this whole thing just got blown out of proportions. I texted the team members to make sure that they were okay, and I wrote a personal note to GigiDarcy.tumblr last night to clarify that I wasn’t upset, to say how sorry I was for the amount of negative attention she may have been getting, and how I’ve appreciated how great of a fan she’s been for quite some time. She was in a seahorses hangout a few days ago that I was able to jump into and she seemed like a sweet and lovely person.

— This is the part where I talk about 4th wall breaking.

So finally, I’ll address the breaking of the 4th wall discussion that’s going on (not in the question, but I’ve seen it around the tags). This is summed up as, if you work on the show, you shouldn’t be in the fan discussions/tags/whatever. 

I’ve never been part of a fandom, so this is new to me, so I may not know fandoms, but I know hollywood artists. I know that creators who are bigger stars/on bigger shows go on to the fan message boards. They may not be reblogging or interacting directly, but they’re there. I guarantee that they are. They’re there because they want to see what people are saying about their art. They may not see all of it, but they see a lot of it.

The Internet is a free and open place. Just as we (and you) have a channel to make art (or write posts/create content), you have the channel to comment, critique, praise, and discuss it. This then gives us the channel to respond to those, which then of course gives you the channel to respond back. It’s the cycle of communication.

— This is where I talk about how the creators of the show need to be here.

Regardless of any of that, I have to break the 4th wall and be here, and so do AlexandraJayRachel, and Margaret because the SHOW itself is a 4th wall breaking show. There is no way our show can interact and feel as immersive as it is without understanding how the fans are reacting to stuff.

So I’m not going anywhere. I like seeing the responses, I like seeing the analysis, and I like seeing the critiques. 

  • If you are saying how much you love the show, thank you; because it pushes us to make the show as best as we can to honor your praise.
  • If you are analyzing the show to a deep level, thank you; because it pushes us to make show deep and subtextual so you can have more to analyze.
  • And if you’re critiquing the show, thank you; because it challenges us to make the best adaptation of P&P that we possibly can.

I know that there is no way The LBD would at the level that it is without feedback from the fans. As some of you have stated how incredible our adaptation has been, I can say back to you all that it is as incredible seeing how you’ve responded to our hard work with (gifs, fan art, analysis, and everything). So thank you for being the best fans we could possibly have, you have literally made the show the best it can be.

It is an honor to create for you,



Really blown away by the fan response to this episode. It was a fun one to write, rehearse, and shoot. Like every other character in our show… Georgiana Darcy is a force to be reckoned with. =)


The Lizzie Trap

I try to head to dinner, Gigi stops me.

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LBD - Why is she “Lizzie” instead of “Lizzy”?


Q: How did you make the decision for Lizzie to be Lizzie and not Lizzy as she was in the book? I was just wondering earlier and it’s an interesting change.

A: Ah the question I’ve been waiting for. Well not really. But I am surprised at how long it took for this question to hit my ask box.  I remember when we started this thing and we’d have several YT comments saying something to the tune of “This is wrong… isn’t she Lizzy in the book?”

Analyzing it, you could probably imagine several reasons why she’s “Lizzie”… 

1. Calling her Lizzie differentiates her from her 1800 counterpart.

2. Lizzie is a “cooler” and more modernized way to spell her name.

3. The Lizzy Bennet Diaries looks aesthetically strange. Why is that y there? Why is it the only letter in the title that breaks the lower plane. That’s weird looking. 

But in reality none of those reasons are why she’s named Lizzie. Yes they are great results of calling her that but here’s the REAL REASON why she’s Lizzie.

Back when Hank and I were doing early development of the show,  I told him that “I wanted to call her Lizzie instead of Lizzy?” - Which he agreed with (probably for some of the reasons listed above).

And why did I want that in the first place? It’s actually really, really simple.

I wanted our “Lizzie” to be spelled with an IE because my name is “Bernie” and Bernie is spelled with an IE  =)

navigatingimperfection asked:

Hey! I've been reading you Q&As about LBD (which i watch religiously) and I wanted you to know that I appreciate the way you're handling the story. People have questions about what's going to happen in the future of the show with the plot, and your answers all seem to be along the line of: letting the plot and characters take the show where it will be. If someone shows up, it will be be because it's natural to do so. I don't know if that makes sense or if I'm over-analyzing..but thanks :)

Thank you lokokopuffs. 

You are absolutely 100% correct. The characters are ours. Yes they are an adaptation of what’s in the Austen text, but they are NOT those characters. If you’re watching our show up to now, I think that is pretty obvious. So our characters react differently because of who we’ve made them to be and what our modern era has put around them. So yes, we’ve given the plot these “general points” that our story needs to hit. How our characters get there is determined by our characters. As you said, we let the characters take the show where it will be. 

Also about future plot points, my belief is that it’s not for sure until it’s actually shot. Sure I could tell you a lot of things that we’re planning to do after Lizzie gets back from Pemberley, but until it’s actually shot (which it isn’t) it’s not for sure. 

Thanks for watching and great analysis.