Frankenstein MD - “How violent will it become?”

Q: Can you possibly say just how violent FMD will become? The original book is obviously violent, but looking at PD’s previous series, I at least had guessed FMD won’t become a graphic horror series. But I could always be wrong.

A: As we start getting into the classically darker side of this narrative, it feels like a good time to answer this question. When we were developing this series, the amount of violence was something that was discussed frequently. 

With our previous Pemberley Digital shows and of course PBS Digital studios it’s safe to say that “graphic horror series” is not what we’re doing. I know that there are members of our audience that are more sensitive to some issues, so I’ll put it this way. We don’t do more than it is needed to tell the story of Frankenstein. But do remember that it is Frankenstein and bad things happen in Frankenstein… enjoy!



In my new video I explore the theoretical treatments that could have potentially saved Robert’s life.


YOU GUYS! The outpouring of love after winning the Best Actress Streamy Award last night has been so touching.

The greatest reward any actor can have is to reach people, to move them in some way, and I have had that great reward. The beauty of the internet is that so many of you have reached…

raven-puffle asked:

I was just curios as to if you already finished filming the entire season of Frankenstein MD? I know you released three episodes right off the bat and I know you said in your post that was what a lot of other people in the industry have been doing but I was also curious as to why you decided to do it with this show and not LBD as well

Re: this tumblr that I wrote earlier.

We have not filmed the entire season of Frankenstein MD as of yet.

In hindsight we probably would have done a block release with The LBD as well. We didn’t think of it then because The LBD was an experiment that we didn’t know would work. 

If you watch this video from Hank Green the week LBD launched you can see how much of an experiment we thought it was.

Back then there was no Pemberley Digital, there was no LBD fandom, it was just 8 videos that we shot with Ashley, MK, Laura, Julia that we didn’t know would amount to anything.


I remember thinking back in 2012 that I wanted people to discover the show later in the run. I remember a lot of people and press picked up on the novelty of the show right away (when only one or two videos were out) and I was worried that there wasn’t enough out to really get a feel of the series. - Which I think led to several publications referring to the series as a “parody of Pride and Prejudice.”

I think my personal opinion at the time was that you needed to get through episode 3 OR better yet episode 7 to really get a feel of what the show was going to be. So depending on when you came in, those episodes may not have been out yet.

So yeah, if we were to relaunch LBD today, we’d probably drop a bunch of videos at once. And those of you wondering, we’d find a way to cover it in world as well (just as we did with Frankenstein MD).

Thanks for the question.

Emma Approved - The finale, the team, and the future?

Almost every question in my inbox right now is about Emma Approved season 2 - there’s a short explanation at the end (and a longer one coming later) but for now some thoughts. 


So we’ve reached the end of Emma Approved or rather, we got to the end of the book. Emma and Knightley admitted their feelings. Marriet made it literally rain paper cranes (thanks to all you amazing fans). 

Below is a summary of my many thoughts of this incredible journey on this series with such talented people.

First we have the show itself. I am so proud of how this team came together, the cast and the crew. There a message in my inbox of how we finished stronger than we started, and I completely agree with that. I firmly believe we ended stronger because the team grew together. We added a lot of new people when we started, and as people stepped back/away others stepped up.

I loved watching them learn and grow. I watched Joanna and Brent grow together on screen and off. When I see them together on screen I say, “Wow! These two are at another level!” -  I see them off screen I see them personify opposites attracting in real life. They really are Emma/Knightley.

I saw an amazing supporting cast, led by Dayeanne Hutton surround these two with incredible talent and hysterical contrast. 

In the writing room I got to see a team come together with such synergy that at the end I got to sit back and let them run. My last official writing credit on the show was way back on episode 56.

I watched as two interns (Ana and Angelique) start as interns, evolve into vital members of the writing team, then seize the reigns as the creative team that made the Frank and Jane spinoff happen. I got to see Tracy Bitterolf rise from writer/script supervisor into a formidable senior writer/director/producer who could command all sides of the production. 

On the interactive side, I watched a team work in synergy. Not only doing “cool” interactive campaigns just for the sake to be cool. But to make them smart, make them grand, and to design them to benefit real world causes. If you’re doing an interactive series, you need synergy across all departments, Tamara Krinsky and Alexandra Edwards navigated this beautifully.

I got to see the show evolve and expand beyond being a social interactive show, but a series that encompassed five media platforms. Video, Text, Social, Photo, and Music. Geez, exhausting.

Inspiring right? - There is seriously nothing like it. So proud of what we all accomplished as a cast and crew.

So what are the future plans for Emma Approved? - 

Well it’s early. We’re going to let the series digest for a bit and I’ll do another post in the future about what we’re thinking. This series was designed from day 1 to go past the novel and we have several paths that we can take, but these paths take time to flesh out. But make no mistake, our plans are grand!

How can you help? - Well right now it’s pretty simple. Just keep supporting the show. Share the episodes, tell your friends. There are a lot of people out there that I know would love what Emma Approved is all about. It’s not a show for everyone, but it’s for a lot of people.

Other ways you can help, buy some of the merch if you like, check out the show on iTunes and Amazon, again if you like. (there are some pretty cool bonuses there that we’re still rolling out) - Don’t feel obligated to watch or buy anything. It’s your money and time, do what is right for you.

It’s very true that we could do the crowd funding route but that move comes later. LBD wasn’t crowd funded (Our KS was for DVDs when the show was over), nor was Emma Approved, nor is Frankenstein M.D. We’re gonna try some things and see what happens.