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Costume Theater, Running/New Shows, and Emma Approved’s 2nd hiatus.

So if you haven’t heard from this post:

Emma Approved will be on hiatus in May, returning in June, and Pemberley Digital (fingers crossed) should be announcing our next series in May. 

This got me thinking more about the state of this format, and by format I mean the book to transmedia/video series format.

A few days ago, Hank and I had a discussion about the true scalability/viability of doing these projects. No, it’s not going away, at least not anytime soon. But one of the attractions to doing this, and repeating it, was that it’s theoretically scalable - e.g. insert *blank* book into interactive video blog format -> make show.

Now theoretically, it can be done. Heck, it’s being done. - Here’s a list

Tangent - Especially impressed with Autobiography of Jane EyreNotes By Christine, and The Emma Project which are all well past their 50th video. That’s A LOT of work! It’s hard enough getting these shows started, but what’s really difficult is keeping them going.

Emma Hiatus 2

Bringing it back to Emma Approved’s hiatus. After our first hiatus in January, what we worried about internally was that our views would fall off a cliff when we came back. What surprised us was that views actually rose 15% and have been holding/growing. (A lot of factors here - holiday viewing habits, discovery, people catching up etc). 

When we started back up in February, we had thought about the possibility of going on hiatus again in May but hoped we wouldn’t have to. But when Kate had to leave the show (and to be clear: super super happy for Kate), we really had no choice. It’s a testament to how great/vital she was to this team. When you lose someone as talented and experienced as she was at such a vital position (head writer for months 4 and 5), it takes some time to recalibrate the team. 

There’s evidence of this, by the way. You can see during the Caroline/Elton (Carlton LOL!) arc, there have been a variety of writers working on the episodes, two of whom wrote episodes for the first time. 

New Show 

Super excited that we’re going to get to announce a new show this early. What this should *hopefully* mean is that the new series should debut before Emma Approved gets to the end of novel.

No big details about the show yet, but I will say that it’s a very different flavor/vibe/tone than what Pemberley Digital has done thus far.

The X Factor that is Costume Theater

I was having a conversation about Emma Approved and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries last night and it’s hard to not compare the two (assuming you’re aware of both). I dislike comparing them more and more because even though they are cut from similar cloths, they’re designed to do very different things, and are succeeding at doing very different things (which I will talk about later).

The biggest observation I’ve had about it, though, was that the biggest advantage (both creatively and economically) that The Lizzie Bennet Diaries has is costume theater. And this isn’t just LBD to EA, this is LBD to ANY show that doesn’t use some device of a costume theater type.

I encourage you to analyze it yourself. Watch the first 24 episodes of LBD where it’s literally the same room for 24 videos with the same 4 super talented hilarious actresses. Look at what costume theater does both creatively and economically. It’s a big list.

That’s it for now. I look forward to talking more about Emma Approved and the Caroline/Carlton arc once we’re in the hiatus.



New Video: “Mirror, Mirror” 

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It’s The Lizzie Bennet Diaries’ 2nd Birthday! When The Lizzie Bennet Diaries began, we had no idea that the show would inspire such a passionate following, Pemberley Digital didn’t exist, and beautiful fan art like this had never been conceived (thank you Martina)! 


Lizzie Bennet Diaries


SIGNAL BOOST - Book adaptations online. Thrive format… THRIVE!


I’ve been intrigued and delighted by the increase in transmedia stories popping up on YouTube, tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. In particular, I admire how people are taking advantage of the high degree of technological connectivity in today’s age to represent timeless classics. So far, I’ve found:

Do you know of any others I can add? If so, please let me know.

kekepania86 asked:

I love Caroline as the future Mrs Elton, but can we take a moment to give Caroline more human characteristics, instead of petty ones, Lydia got to mature, I want to see character growth and development for Caroline

Well not to spoil anything but as a Caroline fan I am glad that she’s back. I wasn’t thrilled with where we left her at the end of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries so I’m happy her story gets to continue.

Oh one thing I’ll say, Caroline isn’t going to suddenly lose her personality, forget everything that happened to her in LBD and revert into the exact personality traits of Book!Augusta. Yes she’ll cover some  plot points, but she’ll very much be LBD!Caroline. This should be fun to watch.

just-plain-eric asked:

Did you expect such vitriolic responses from certain members of the Fandom? I have seen an overwhelming number of positive responses of various degrees, but those who are opposed to the move seem to be much more intense about their dislike.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s a bold move by us and bold moves should result in big reactions.

Sure you have intense dislike but then you have huge excitement, which is the polarization I’m guessing that you’re speaking of. But all the reactions thus far are reacting to the idea of it rather than the execution. It can go both ways, you may hate it now and love what we do, or you can love it now and hate what we do. 

I’m looking forward to what develops.